About Mealmatch


One of the most beautiful times in your life is the time you spend in good company. Mealmatch focuses on the human being. The idea for Mealmatch was born out of a conversation between co-founder Olaf and a friend about a recipe. The friend didn't like the idea of having to cook and eat exclusively for himself. And we found out that many people know loneliness and the consequences of it on body and soul are more serious than those of strong overweight and smoking. Today, experts already speak of a megatrend and the future widespread disease No. 1! As a result, we decided in 2016 to develop a social dining platform to bring people together for a meal and into a personal conversation.


In restaurants, hotels and at private hosts, participants find new friends in several cities, make new acquaintances or make business contacts at a joint Meal.

Mealmatch is well received and we are constantly working on bringing people together in even more cities - in Germany and also in other countries around the world.


What kind of society do we want to live in?

The importance of family and social cohesion has diminished, and urbanization and the use of (social) media are driving this development. 100 friends on Facebook do not replace one friend in real life, but all actions and opportunities that bring us closer with other people work against loneliness and improve the quality of life. With Mealmatch we have developed a platform that connects people with each other. And if everything runs fantastically, then in five years at the latest it will be a matter of course to meet people at Mealmatch worldwide at a joint meal. It would be wonderful if we could make our contribution with Mealmatch to bring people out of the hut and back into life or bring life into the hut.