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Help and frequently asked questions

General information:

What is Mealmatch?

Mealmatch is an online platform that connects people for a joint meal - in restaurants, hotels and with private hosts.

How does Mealmatch work?

Simply register and create a free profile within a few minutes, choose your favorite meal and book a seat at the table or send a message to private hosts requesting participation in their meal. In participating restaurants and hotels you can pay directly online and book a place at the table, for private Meals the host decides after your request whether you can participate in the Meal or not, afterwards you can pay online safely.

Which costs can occur during the use of Mealmatch?

The registration and the creation of Meals as a host is and remains free of charge at the Mealmatch platform. Mealmatch receives only a fair commission of 15% of the Meal price on the platform for participating in a Meal. For example, if a Meal is offered for EUR 10, Mealmatch automatically receives EUR 1.50 - the remaining amount of EUR 8.50 is paid directly to the host of the Meal.

For hosts:

How do I create a Meal?

After the registration at Mealmatch every host can create and publish his own Meal. The host can choose what and how many courses he wants to offer his guests and how high the cost contribution per guest will be.

How much is a Meal allowed to cost?

Which price you calculate is and remains your free decision. For your pricing you can orientate yourself on the existing Meals.

Who can be a host at the Mealmatch platform?

It is very easy for a private person to become a Mealmatch host. Simply register directly in a few minutes and create an account. It is and always will be free to create a Meal at the Mealmatch platform.<p></p>Restaurants and hotels who would like to become partners should address their enquiries directly to our partner management via the contact form.

For guests:

Why do I need a Mealmatch account?

Without registering you can search for Meals and look around on the Mealmatch platform. You need a Mealmatch account to participate in a Meal or to create a Meal as a host and especially to keep track of your booked Meals and your matches.


How can I register at Mealmatch?

As a private person you can simply register via the menu item "Sign Up" in the top right corner of the navigation bar and create a profile there.<p></p><p></p><p></p>Restaurants and hotels who would like to become partners should address their enquiries directly to our partner management via the contact form.

Can I edit my profile details?

Of course you can modify and edit your profile at any time. Just visit your personal profile and update your data.


If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you want to report technical problems, please send us an email: