Help and FAQ

Help and frequently asked questions

In general:

What is Mealmatch?

Mealmatch is a platform that connects people with people for a joint Meal in a comfortable atmosphere

How does Mealmatch work?

To be able to use all functions of Mealmatch, the user has to login to Mealmatch and create a profile. Afterwards he can immediately create and publish his own Meals or search, basing on several criteria, the already existing offers for a Meal and request a seat for the Meal of his choice. As soon as the host accepts the guest's request, the guest pays the cost contribution via PayPal and the way to enjoy the joint meal is free.

What does it cost to create a profile?

Creating a profile on Mealmatch is 100% free.

For hosts:

How do I create a Meal?

After signing up at Mealmatch, each host can create and publish his own Meals. The host can choose what dishes and how many courses he wants to offer his guests and how much the costs per guest will be.

Are there guidelines on how expensive a meal is allowed to be?

No, there are no guidelines for the pricing on behalf of Mealmatch.

How much commission does Mealmatch receive?

Mealmatch receives 8.5% of the guest's fee as a commission. The guest pays the fees levied by PayPal for its services.

For guests:

How do I search and book a Meal?

A Meal can be searched by using several criteria, e.g. the location, the date and time or the general flavor. As soon as the guest has found a Meal where he would like to participate, he requests a vacant seat by messaging the host and as soon as the host has accepted the guest, the payment process is to be completed and the way to the joint Meal is free.


How can I pay for a Meal?

All payment transactions are processed via PayPal.

Why can I pay with PayPal only?

PayPal is easy to use and operates with the highest security standards that guarantees the best possible security for both the guests and the hosts.


I forgot my password!

You can always use the URL: / resetting / request to set back your password and request a new.