How it works

How it works

Simply register now, quickly create a profile and get to know nice people over a tasty meal.

To participate in a Meal you need a profile - and that is done in no time.

Simply register quickly and specify in your profile what you want to announce about yourself.

And already you can actively participate in Meals and get to know people near you.

Find a meal to your taste using the search function, choose WHERE, WHEN and WHAT you would like to eat.

Once you have decided on a Meal, register and create a profile.

In a participating restaurant or hotel you can reserve a seat at the table directly.

For your participation in a Meal with a private host, you simply formulate a friendly request for a seat at your desired Meal. After the host has accepted your request, you can pay the meal immediately.

After completion of the payment process you will be informed about the address of the host.

Much Love and Lasagne!